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From the Horse's Mouth newsletter

It's raining and blowing now, but it'll be time for the 2017 show before we know it. Stay tuned here for upcoming news on the 2017 show. Remember, we need every single club member to help out in order to make our yearly show the best ever!

The 2015 and 2016 Shows were rousing successes. Congratulations to all members for a jpb very well done.

Here's a great write-up of the 2015 show, by Ron & Cindy Bramlett.

Link to all 2015 Show Photos

And the 2015 winners are...
Randall Douglas: 65 Mustang Fastback
Dan Vallejo: 65 Mustang

Rusty Abernathy: 66 Mustang Coupe
Duane & Linda Savage: 66 Mustang Fastback

Louis Webb: 68 Mustang GT / CS
Bill Vleck: 68 GT 390 Fastback
Chuch & Mary Ellen Martin: 67 Mustang Conv.

Todd Boll: 68 Mustang
Debi Shank: 67 Mustang

Robert Gonzales: 69 Mach One
Dana & Kandie Wolfe: 70 Mach One

Brian Oxnham: 69 Mach One
Guy Harris: 70 Mustang

Ron & Linda Zoghb: 72 Mach One

Victor Surguis: 72 Mustang Sprint

Peter Pierce: 77 Mustang

Ed Aldrich: 82 Mustang T-Top
James Perry: 87 GR 5.0 Mustang

Brandon Gehrig: 99 Mustang GT
Michael Rhea: 04 Mustang GT

Julio Gonzalez: 05 Mustang
Ed & Joann Bodoh: 08 Mustang GT

Priya DI Silva: 14 Mustang GT
Thomas Andris: 13 Mustang

Kim Cuaresma: 07 Saleen
David Wilde: 13 Roush Stage III

Taron Young: 04 SVT Cobra
Jose Rodriquez: 03 SVT Cobra

Bill Micsan: 66 Shelby GT 350
David Rossiter: 66 Shelby GR 350

Phil & Nita York: 57 Thunderbird
Andrew & Alice Weast: 65 Thunderbird

Nick Rogers: 65 Falcon
Jim Frasinetti: 65 Falcon

Bob Ramsey: 30 Model A Tudor
Terry Frey: 31 Model A Roadster

Wayne & Karyl Woolsey: 40 Coupe / Sedan
Jerry & Katie Richwalski: 37 Four Door Sedan

Steve Chapman: 50 Ford "Fire Chief" Car
Bruce Van Etten: 59 Edsel

Eric & Jessica & David Ward: 65 Ford Galaxy
Jack Farnsworth: 67 Fod Galaxy

Al & Pat Brown: 56 F-100
Marvin Hassenplug: 34 Ford Pick Up

John Shank: 31 Ford Model A Coupe
Keith Smith: 56 Ford Victoria

Rex & Janel Gesberg - 66 Mustang: Long Distance

Todd Bull & Patty Caprio - 68 Mustang: Best Wheels & Tires

Gary Holmes - 32 Ford: Best Paint

Cindy Yoka - 14 Saleen Mustang: President's Award

Bruce Van Etten - 59 Edsel: Best of Show Ford

Toby Kautz - 66 Mustang: Best of Show Mustang

Congratulations to all, well done!

...and to all the other entries, well done also! We had so many beautiful cars, the results were extremely close. Every car there was a winner!

SAMC 20th Annual Car Show 2016

The Sacramento Area Mustang Club is a member of the Mustang Club of America
Mark Shephard, President

Traci Thaler, Vice President

Mark Perry, Website